April 21, 2016

Easy summer beach hair tutorial

When I’m styling people’s hair we’ll often talk about the ‘beach’ hair look and how much we love the way our hair goes after a day on the beach so I thought I would post a really quick and easy hair tutorial which works really well with beach textured hair or hair that has been curled the day before and slept in. You know when its a bit too rough to wear down but you don’t want to waste time washing it either. Blow drying hair yourself and holidays are not a good mix and if you want something that will be quick and easy but still look good here’s one of my favourites….

If you are starting with straight hair you can prep it with a heat protector and section into large vertical sections. Working forwards use your straighteners to curl each section. Alternatively, you might want to take smaller sections and use a wand or tongs. I then break up the curl with a dry shampoo and/or texturizing spray.

I leave a section at either side of the face, just behind the ear and gather the rest into a really loose pony tail, securing a bobble at the very bottom, as close to the ends as you can.

Simply roll this section onto itself and continue to the nape of the neck, where you can secure with grips.

I then loosely pin the side sections into the roll, twist look really effective. I also like to leave some loose hair around the front to frame the face, but this is up to you.

Finally I pull out any bits I want to loosen and mess up and sometimes re curl the front section. Spray with hair spray and away you go!